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Last updateLun, 27 Feb 2017 8pm

Flash mob in Venice against big cruise ships. Costa Fascinosa and Costa Magica will dock in Trieste

Flash mob in Venice against big cruise ships. Costa Fascinosa and Costa Magica will dock in Trieste

Trieste - While top Cruise company Costa Crociere has already signed (July 2014) an agreement with Friuli Venezia Giulia region to move the bigger ships from Venice to Trieste, the environmental associations set up a flash mob in Venice on 10th August, in the San Marco square, to protest against the choice of keeping cruise ships in the lagoon.

In fact, the region Veneto has moved ahead with plans to block big cruise ships from sailing past Venice's historic center, authorizing an environmental study for an alternate route that it hopes will still satisfy the city's key tourism industry.

Cruise ships currently can pass within 300 meters (1,000 feet) of Venice's iconic St. Mark's Square, granting a stunning view to those aboard but presenting a jarring sight against the backdrop of Venice's Byzantine architecture.

(Photo credits: Stefano Savini and Greenreport)
Residents, activists and environmentalists have long opposed cruise ship traffic in Venice. They balked at the decision Friday by a commission of government ministers and local officials authorizing a study into using the Contorta Sant'Angelo canal.

The group "No Big Ships" called it the worst choice and insisted that big cruise ships must be kept out of the lagoon altogether.

In the meanwhile, the ships Costa Fascinosa (114.500 tons, 3.800 passengers) and Costa Magica (102.600 tons, 3.470 passengers) will dock in Trieste.

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